Specialty Skincare


Micro-needling $200

Microneedling is collagen induction treatment which uses multiple needles to produce micro-injuries to the skin. The skin then responds by making rich collagen-rich tissue. The treatment provides many benefits to the skin such as improve elasticity & wrinkles, the appearance of acne or surgery scars, reduces enlarged pores, pigmentation, skin sags and improve overall skin texture.

HydraBrasion Facial $200

HydraBrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and a wet system. The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. The dead skin cells and pores are exfoliated and suctioned off the skin using a hydra-Brasion diamond tip. Then smooth tip is used to stimulate circulation which improve the blood flow to the area which aids in tissue repair, revealing smoother skin and promotes collagen and elastin production as well as cell renewal.